Thursday, August 3, 2017

No arms, No legs, No worries

Nick Vujicic. No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. If y'all haven't seen his
video, go watch it. He is so awesome and such an inspiration. I don't
remember which video it's in, but he talks about 3 things.

        1.      what is your mission on the earth?
        2.      where are you going?
        3.      Is Jesus Christ in your life?

I would like each of y'all to at least think about these 3 questions.
Ask yourself. WHAT are you doing on the earth? WHERE are you going in
this life and also after this life? And is JESUS CHRIST a part of your
life? Honestly answer these questions. You don't have to tell anyone,
but just think about it.

I asked myself these questions while staring out the window at the
miles of buildings in Torino and then miles of fields and vineyards as
I left Collegno and some of my best friends and entered back into the
beautiful Emilia-Romagna. The conclusion I came to was this: My
mission right now is to invite others to come unto Christ. Whether
that be random people on the street, my companion, other missionaries,
or members of the church. I'm going to bologna (haha). And then top
tier of the Celestial Kingdom is my ultimate goal. Jesus Christ is not
only in my life, but he is the captian of my life.

Weekly funnies
        •       I asked for a bottle of milk and they gave me hot foamy milk on a hot plate??
        •       I fell asleep like 27x my first two days in bologna bc I was so
tired (??) I'm literally always tired so I don't know what changed
        •       I gave my first talk in Italy after more than a year of being here,
and I accidently said that I made a cake with fish instead of
        •       The other sisters in the zone accidently took our phone so we had
to track them down at the station and get it back
        •       Not funny, but it is seriously so hot here and I am currently
sweating while sitting in front of a fan in our study room. It's that
hot. Chocolate has to stay IN the fridge to not melt

Bologna is freaking awesome. It is famous for tortellini, lasagna, and
bolognese rag├╣. Seriously good cooking. It is a big city. So LOTS of
stores with quality Italian clothes, oils for cooking, Souvenirs,
literally everything you can imagine.

Okay, I'll write more about it next week.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

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