Saturday, August 26, 2017


okay, i just wanna make a reference to the title BOOM. it stands for
"be on our message." it's something that the APs came up with for the
mission and i really like it, so i wanted to share it with y'all.
basically someone says "boom" and a gospel topic and then you have to
do these 4 things in 3-5 minutes.
        1.      teach the topic
        2.      share a scripture on the topic
        3.      bear testimony
        4.      ask a question/ invite

my companion and I have really enjoyed "booming" each other randomly
on the bus, during lunch, while i'm buying train tickets, you name it,
we've done it. it's been super awesome, because you always have at
least 3 opportunities a day to speak italian, teach a lesson, and
share your testimony with your comp. I've learned a lot from her and
there's such a benefit from sharing your beliefs with someone (even if
that someone is with you 24/7). I invite y'all to try it. boom your
mom. boom your brother. boom your dog.... maybe not. teach the gospel
to people. make it simple. be personal.

so we had two scambi this week in bologna and lemme tell y'all, i
still don't know how to get around. 3 weeks is not enough. first
scambio, i was with my dear sorella carter (from the mtc) and we got
lost a record of (wait for it...) 3 times. the last time was at 21:00
and it was pitch black and we ended up walking almost a mile home
through a creepy park. sorry carter. but we had an awesome scambio and
we were able to do an fhe with wale, bumni, and clinton.

then we had scambio with the sorelle from pordenone and meno male we
all went to the same places, so I didn't have to be a tour guide.
sunday night we had mostra with the anziani, who were also on scmabio.
so we had 8 missionaries when we usually have 4. that was also really
fun and then after italian class on monday, we turned on "I know who I
am" by sinach and danced for 6 minutes with 4 african women and I love
them so much. it was so awesome.

yesterday, we were sitting on the bus trying to figure out what we
were going to teach a less active member, giovanna. after like 30
seconds, "figlie di Dio" (mormon message) came to my mind, but before
I could say anything, my comp turned to me and said "let's show figlie
di Dio." HOLY spirit. it was an awesome lesson and then she told us
about a man that she thinks would be ready to hear about the gospel.
God bless referrals.

we went and taught goodness, tina, and gospel in the park yesterday
and during the lesson, we look over and gospel was peeing. (she's two)
and she was so upset that she peed on herself that she started crying.
it was kinda funny. but also not. but hey, if you're two, you gotta go
when you gotta go.

we went shopping and ate amor di patate for lunch today and it was
awesome. I love bologna and the mission and Jesus. God is good. Gelato
is good. And people are crazy.

love y'all so much
sorella meager

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