Wednesday, April 26, 2017

She saved a baby bird; the twins not trying to Twinkie!

Snake; District; T for Torino

You Matter To Him

This week, I re-learned a very important lesson. (I say re-learned
because basically everything I've learned on my mission is something I
knew, but I've never had an up close experience with it.) Anyways,
this week I realized that GOD KNOWS US SO WELL, Y'ALL.

He specifically puts you exactly where He needs you to be, and if you
listen to Him, you can easily find that reason and change lives or
have your own life changed.

Friday we are walking to the bus stop, on our way to English class, we
see a member walking to his car. "Fratello Caruso!! How are you?" We
talk for a second, and then he offers us a ride to the next bus stop
that we have to take to get to the church. We accept and just as we're
getting out of the car, we see bus 44 at the intersection. We book it
and make it to the stop just in time for the bus. We get on and who's
on the bus? Adda. YES! We talk with her for a little and walk together
to the church.

Only Adda and Ilaria showed up to English class, so we just had our
lesson, and at the end shared "Daughters of God" and talked about out
worth as Daughters of a King. It was really awesome and then I talked
with Ilaria for a sec and I found out she has a BOM, but she's never
read it, so I invited her to read 3 Nephi 11 and she said yes!

Then Saturday, we're on the bus just chilling going home or something,
and Bacher freaks out and who gets on the bus? Josh. (The dude we met
2 weeks ago on the bus that asked us for an English class flyer) And a
friend. His friend is from the Dominican Republic and doesn't speak
Italian, so I brush on my Spanish and we talk to them for a little
while and invite them to sports night and BOTH OF THEM COME. It was

Finally, Monday, we were running to the store to find Thailandese rice
and who is on the bus? ALESSANDRO. what. We ask him if he knows where
to get cibo strainero and he takes us to the Coop and we look and look
and then we give up and leave. But as we're leaving, we meet a lady
and she literally looks so excited to meet us. (It's actually kind of
weird) but we give her an apuscolo and she says she'll call us. But I
felt like I needed to really talk to this lady, so we run home, make
cookies, and then go back to the store and talk to her some more.
She's awesome.

I guess these may seem kind of random and insignificant, but they were
important moments for me, and each time I realized how perfect God's
plans are. He very precisely places people in your path at the time
you need them most and at the time that you are ready. Before I left
on my mission, my dad said, "There are specific people that are
waiting for you to teach them the gospel. Always keep a prayer in your
heart so that you will recognize them when you meet them." I completely
believe that and I've definitely seen that here and with the lady at
the store. There was something in me that lead me right back to her.

I just want to end with my testimony that God lives. That He knows
each of you personally and He loves you dearly. Don't forget it. Also,
think about this:

"“What is man in comparison to the glory of creation?” God Himself
said we are the reason He created the universe! His work and
glory--the purpose for this magnificent universe--is to save and exalt
mankind. In other words, the vast expanse of eternity, the glories and
mysteries of infinite space and time are all built for the benefit of
ordinary mortals like you and me. Our Heavenly Father created the
universe that we might reach our potential as His sons and daughters.
This is a paradox of man: compared to God, man is nothing; yet we are
everything to God. While against the backdrop of infinite creation we
may appear to be nothing, we have a spark of eternal fire burning
within our breast. We have the incomprehensible promise of
exaltation--worlds without end--within our grasp. And it is God’s
great desire to help us reach it."

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Also, never eat strawberries after brushing your teeth- it's disgusting

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sister missionaries
Italian family
& Italian dog with cool blue/brown eyes

Italian cat Italian spring
Italian rednecks - BBQ
Including my eyes. It started with my right eye. It kind of looked
like it had pink eye, so i wore glasses, then it was fine. Then it
happened to my left eye, wore glasses again. Then it happened to my
right eye AGAIN. Glasses again. What is going on?? I don't know.


Easter was super awesome and there was a special feeling when I took
the Sacrament that day. We sang Beautiful Savior in Sacrament and then
after church, we had lunch with some of the ward. For the next 5
courses, we talked and laughed and I was still full when I woke up the
next morning.

But the real story comes the next day. Italians have a holiday called
Pasquetta. It is the day after Pasqua (Easter). Here's how ours went:

It starts off with us walking to try to find this lady, Asunta, that's
picking us up for a Pasquetta party. We look back and see a tiny,
broken fiat FLYING down the street and comes to a screeching stop next
to us, Asunta hops out and bacis us as we get into the car.

She takes off flying and talking to her friend in the passenger seat.
I look over and Bacher and we're both scared out of our minds and
there weren't seat belts, so we just held onto our backpacks and each
other. We start going up a mountain (just keep in mind, Italian roads
are big enough for one truck.) and we've got cars going up and down
this mountain and around curves without stop signs or slowing down.

Fortunately, the mountains were beautiful, but the road was way to
bumpy to get a good picture, so we just soaked in the view. Next thing
we knew, we we're driving on the grass and parking in the middle of
nowhere. We got out of the car and what do we see?

Italian rednecks.

Those 2 words should never be put together. But there they were.
Sitting around a table and having a BBQ. Long story short: we ate nast
food, everyone got really drunk and they were spilling their wine
everywhere, and I did a grateful circle and everyone was dying
laughing. It was a blast and I will never forget my Pasquetta on the

Tuesday, we spent the morning with Grazia, a less active, and we
listened to her life story. We had lasagna and fruit cake, and then
after a long, emotionally draining lesson with her, we head to
Silvana's and what happens?

In a few words, the member that we brought and the husband started
yelling at each other about the Catholic Church. Things got heated and
hands were flying, but we got it calmed down and we were able to end
it on a good note. However, Bacher and I left that lesson pretty
broken and went home and ate our feelings. For me, that was warm,
chocolate milk with peanut butter... #ragrats

But the lesson I learned from that is perfectly explained in this quote:

"Remember how the Savior handled tough questions...
He remained calm,
He showed respect,
And He taught truth,
But He never forced anyone to live the way He taught."

Our invite for them was to PRAY to know of the truth of the Book of
Mormon. That is also my invite for y'all today. To read and pray to
know if the Book of Mormon is true. If you don't do it, you'll never
know. If you do it, do it with real intent (Moroni 10:3-5). He will
answer you. He is listening.

"At the very moment we say, “Father in Heaven,” He hears our prayers
and is sensitive to us and our needs. And so His eyes and His ears are
now connected to you. He reads our minds, and He feels our hearts. You
cannot hide anything from Him. Now, the wonderful thing is that He
will see you with eyes of love and mercy--love and mercy that we
cannot fully understand. But love and mercy are with Him the very
moment you say, “Father in Heaven.”"

Pray. Just do it. It might feel awkward. You might not know exactly
what to say, but I testify that there is a peace that comes into your
heart knowing that the God of the universe is listening to your very
words/ thoughts. I testify that God lives, He loves, and He listens.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Friday, April 14, 2017

I've had diarrea since Easters

I tackled Bacher last week during volleyball and she landed on my arm and I got a huge bruise. THEN I learned how to play rugby at sports night and bruised the rest of my body. Holy cow. Props to everyone that plays rugby because it is so much harder than I thought.

Sports night is growing and it is so much fun! This last week, we played volleyball, rugby, football, basketball, and soccer. My body is so dead. I haven't worked out, ran, or tackled as much as I did that night. However, good things came of it. We got two new friends and they will be joining us next week for beach volley!!

We had Scambio last week (the older sister missionaries came to collegno and spent 24 hours with us). Bacher and I got closer than ever and we breathed the same 3 inches of air and I think I slept a whole 47 minutes. But we had a lot of success!! We found 3 new parks to do finding, 7 new potentials, and a jumping spider in our apartment.

And then I lost the spider. Sorry Bacher...

4 nights in a row, we came home and our kitchen light was on. The first 2x it was funny, but then we started double checking to make sure it was off when we left and then we'd come back and it was on and now it's not funny anymore. Luckily, the last few nights it hasn't been on, so I was whatever was happening has stopped and we're in the clear now.

We were eating sandwiches for lunch and Bacher was eating a PBJ and she was like, "This is the worst jam ever." I looked over at the jam and said, "That isn't jam." It was pie filling.

Sunday, a guy came up to us on the bus and asked for our English class flyer and we exchanged numbers with him and met him again on Monday :) Sunday afternoon, we got canceled on by our Italian grandparents, so we visited a member that was sick and got 2 new investigators and an invitation to an Easter party.... Talk about miracles!

Okay, if y'all haven't seen the Easter video. Stop reading this and go watch it.

Okay, now share it with your mom, your best friend, your dog. Everyone. Happy Easter y'all. Love your family, go to church, think about Jesus Christ. He did everything for you. He loves you. Don't forget it. This is the time to remember Him.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Scegli il Giusto

We've played sand volleyball for the past 2 plays and it's been so
fun. Last week, it was perfect weather and sunny and I got burnt.
Today it was freezing, pouring rain and everyone got soaked. That is
the definition of how Spring is going here.

Thanks to this (beautiful) Spring weather, my allergies have been
through the roof and also I got so sick. Thursday night, I sweat
through my sheets... Woke up at 5am drenched. But then my fever was
gone so I guess I sweat it out?

Weirdness: we saw Adda on the bus. Y'all don't realize this, but we
talk about her approximately 14 times a day and we have now seen her
twice outside of English class. It's getting weird. We invited her to
our weddings. Then, the Anziani saw her on the bus 2 days later. She
might be stalking the missionaries y'all.

We sleep outside and it's awesome. It's still chilly at night so it
feels like we're camping every night and plus there's stars so it's
perfect. We just need to get a bonfire out on the balcony ;)

I accidently burnt a batch of cookies and we may or may not have had a
throwing contest on our balcony and almost hit an old man on his

We do a mostra every Saturday at the markets and wear American clothes
and advertise English Class and play country music and it's way fun!
We've actually been having a lot of success with it! Last week, I
taught a family the Restoration and invited them to our sports night.
This past week, we brought cookies and everyone liked them, so we're
gonna do a class in 2 weeks and teach people how to make chocolate
chip cookies!! (Italians are obsessed with chocolate chip cookies)

We went over to Barbara's house Sunday night and she has 2 little boys
that are the cutest. Her son, Zaccaria, was telling us about how he
prayed and said "Per favore smettere la pioggia. Vorrei neve o sole.
Dio, come voule!" (He was shaking his arms in the air during the "come
voule"). Omar (3 yr old) LOVES the children's song "Scegli il Giusto"
and we sing it approximately 27 times every time we go over to their
house. I have it memorized now.

We had an appointment Monday afternoon and I had the impression to
call and confirm (which I usually do) but for some reason, this time I
didn't. We got to her door, and she wasn't home... I apologized to
Bacher (My comp) and she was like, "Yeah, I had the impression this
morning to call and confirm, but I ignored it." Lesson learned. Don't
ignore impressions from the Spirit. However, on our way home we were
walking and I had the feeling to stop and look at this window and
GUESS WHAT? A bird pooped 2 inches from where I would've been. It
would've popped on my face. Thank you, Heavenly Father.

Love y'all,
Sorella Meager

Also, go watch General Conference. It was SO GOOD.