Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sister, did you break your skirt?

We got locked inside a gate in an apartment complex and we didn't want
to ring the citofono to have them open it. SO, we hiked up our skirts
(it was dark and there wasn't anyone around) and hopped over the
fence, but my skirt got caught and I ripped a baseball size hole in
it. However, Blanks didn't notice because my skirt and my rights were
black and it was dark outside. So we went to went to the Aguilera's to
read the Book of Mormon and at the end I was saying goodbye to the
daughter and the mom looked at my skirt and said "Sorella, hai rotto
la gonna??"

So yeah, I ripped my skirt.

I ate a huge thing of wasabi at a sushi restaurant and immediately
regretted it, but it's done. I learned recently that I am a bad
decision maker and also a very easy person to dare because I accept
all dares. I have eaten orange peels, chocolate with the wrapper on,
wasabi, and so many other things. I will for sure keep y'all updated
with how that's going.

My companion and I did face masks the other night and mine started
burning my face, but no worries because it stopped burning after
awhile. :)

We played in the snow today and I ripped my pants and got hit in the
face with an ice/snowball. It was the BEST DAY EVER.

Okay that's all for today. Love y'all and read the Book of Mormon.
It's super good ;)

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

Pictures: My companion in San Marino and our ghostly face masks

Future comp:                                                            Italians love muffins!

"This looks just like you!" -Blands

Sorella Blandford held up a picture of Lola and her daughter and said
to Lola, "WOW. This looks JUST like you." Lola was like..... "That is

Okay, so we made this challenge to read the entire Book of Mormon in
less than 35 days with a family from the ward. So, we go to their
house everyday and read about 21 pages with them and let me just tell
you, it is the best time of my life. There are four kids and the mom
and the grandma, Lola. Lola cracks us up every single night. One time,
she fell asleep while we were reading (I'm pretty sure someone falls
asleep every day), anyway, so she woke up to us laughing at her, but
she didn't know why we were laughing so she just started laughing with
us :):):) also, another time we walked into the apartment and the
grandma was hiding in the dark behind the shelving because she had on
a face mask and she was dying her hair :)

Our zone leaders gave us a challenge yesterday to stop 1000 people in
one day, as a zone (we have the smallest zone in Italy- 12
missionaries). So on Monday, we will do a huge finding day and be
stopping more than 1000 people :) we're super stoked. RIMINI

We got locked out of our apartment for the first time, but luckily we
were cleaning the stairs, so we called Bishop and told him what
happened, and after laughing at us for a certain amount of time, he
told us he'd come and open the door... so we got some good bonding
time sitting in the stairs in our apartment complex.

I am getting pretty good at riding my bike no handed, and that comes
in handy (get it?) when it's cold and I just want to keep my hands
moving so my companion and I often dance while biking and it gets
people watching us!

I just want to leave this with my testimony that God hears and answers
each one of our prayers. That is a promise and something that I have
learned over and over as a missionary and I am so grateful for that
knowledge. Just know that God exists and He loves you. His work and
His glory is for all His children to return to live with Him.

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

Italians LOVE muffins

Future comp :):):)

Sunday, January 15, 2017

don't drink anything they give you at the hospital

We went Ice skating last pday and I didn't fall :) and picture

We were walking through Centro, and this Belgium man was offering
Belgium waffles and we accepted (Real Belgium waffles and I'm in
Italy? Score.) He gave them to us for free and so we gave him a Resto
pamphlet and he was super excited to read it and said that he would

I stabbed my companion's nail and didn't pass out. Win.

Sorry, we have like 2 seconds to write so this is all I got today!

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

1 Nephi 21:16 Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands;
thy walls are continually before me.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Don't Drink Anything They Give You in the Hospital

So a few weeks ago, we were biking to the beach to do finding and on
the way there, this guy was like "CIAO SORELLE" so we HALTED
everything and talked to him and he knew the missionaries from years
ago and recognized us because we had helmets (they're good for more
than just safety) and we got his number and then went our merry way.
We kept calling and making appointments with him and he kept
bedone-ing us but FINALLY he met with us Saturday and we taught him
the plan of salvation and gave him a Book of Mormon and he's excited
to read it. But anyways, after the lesson, he said "Can you type
something in English for me?" We agreed and he handed me his phone and
began saying what he wanted me to write and this is what it ended up

"Girls, I was joking. I do not have $100,000 in my account. I do not
have a house in the Maldives or the Caribbean. Bill Gates is not my
cousin. I will still love you even if you were aliens from outer
space. We can be friends on Facebook."

What??? I thought FOR SURE I had messed up, but I read it back to him
in Italian and it was RIGHT! He told us a backstory for why he needed
to send this text but I didn't really make any sense either. The end.

I saw a man pull out his flip phone and take a picture of a mannequin...

I forgot to mention this last week, but I almost got hit by a car. Twice.

Thursday morning we were doing finding and who do we see? RAFF. Holy
what? So we run up to him and we're like "HEY what happened last week?
But before he explained himself we were walking and I was talking to
him about the gospel. (Better work on patience some more) But anyway,
we got to teach him and set a baptismal date for February 10th :)
we're so stoked for him and he's stoked to get baptized !!

I saw a truck.

My companion slammed her thumb in the car door Monday night and the
nail turned black. We thought that it would get better, but she didn't
fall asleep until 5am so we went to the hospital Tuesday afternoon.
The Anziani dropped us off and we went in and after a little waiting
(2 hours) the doctor called us in and they decided that they needed to
STAB a needle into her thumb nail so that the blood would come out...
long story short, my companion ended up with a bleeding thumb for the
rest of the night and I ended up on the floor. (Yes mom, I still pass
out when I see blood). Lesson learned. Again.

But, I had ceviche and it was literally one of the greatest meals I've
ever eaten in my life.

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

Remember to make your New Years Resolutions! 🎉
Here are some of mine:
Return with honor
Hug my family
Read Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage
Read the entire Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and
Pearl of Great Price
Be a better example of Jesus Christ

My hot companion and her not so hot thumb

Smallest zone in Northern Italy, but my favorite one. Anziano Cuthbert knocked over the white board and Anziano Da Ponte is wearing gloves to cover up his dry hands and the Anziani have their legs over each other and we couldn't get the camera to work and we were all laughing so hard, we could barely keep it together for this one picture.

Yay for trucks :)