Monday, August 14, 2017

pics from Aug 3 letter:

his parents treated them to gelato!

waiting for the bus
Testimony! Love this kid!!
standing in the rain
fresh avacado

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bologna y'all

•       We live next to the busiest street in bologna and it is so loud 24/7.
        •       I'm constantly sweating. Like I get out of the shower and I already
start sweating. It has become a way of life and I'm not sure if that's
a good thing or not.
        •       There are so many buses. I've been here for 2 weeks and I still
can't remember how to get to the church. That's bad people cause I'm
gonna be going on exchanges and they're gonna expect me to know where
to go. Please pray for ya girl over here.
        •       My comp is the queen of bologna. This is her 5th transfer here (7
months+) and she is "dying" here AND she's literally so awesome. There
have been many missed buses, singing parties, Gelato, laughing, and
running for buses.
        •       Basically were always running for buses because it's so hot outside
that we don't leave the apt until the last second.

I've seriously been enjoying Bologna, and the people, and even the
sweating... To quote Sorella Bishop in Rome: "Sweating has becoming a
normal way of life." People, it is hot. I feel like I am walking
around in a giant oven. Granita's (Basically like a smoothie) in the
middle of the afternoon have become my saving grace. Thank you, Italy
for having a Gelateria on every corner. #Godbless

Friday night, we had a family home evening with Wale, Bumni, and
Clinton. Let me just tell y'all. They are freaking hilarious. I could
tell the complete, hilarious, crazy story from that night, but i don't
have the time. Long story short: Wale and Bumni got into an argument
regarding filling up the bike tire. While they were arguing Clinton
takes the bike, fills it up, and comes back before they get done
arguing. Go Clinton. Then he dabbed while he was biking. Cool kid

After fhe, Anziano Robinson and his parents treated us to Gelato
Friday night :) it was so yummy. #thankyou

Saturday was an adventure. We visited a less active member that lives
way out in the middle of nowhere (keep in mind, it's about 105 degrees
outside). We get to her house and she asks us to go make a poste pay
(????) so we walk to the post office, wait for 20 minutes while they
set up an Italian postal account for my comp that leaves in a month,
and then go back to her house. THEN, she asks us to take out the
trash. 5 black garbage bags... Okay. So we take it. Unfortunately, the
dumpster cannot fit the bags, so we have to open up each bag and feed
the trash into the dumpster one at a time. #halp Finally, we go back
to her house and have lunch and teach her. And then

Anziano Brown prayed for cooler weather and God blessed us 40 fold
with a freak rain storm Sunday evening and it was so wonderful because
we finally weren't sweating. However, we were supposed to do a Mostra,
but you can't see chalk when it's raining... so we stood in the
pouring rain and asked someone to take a picture. And then we handed
out our English class flyers because it was very obvious that we were
not Italian. It was awesome.

We went shopping for pday today and we both got REAL LEATHER BEAUTIFUL
ITALIAN SHOES. (For €40) it was literally the best. Also, saldi

Okay, that's all I got for today. I'm loving Italy and the mission and
I don't want to take my name tag off. Except maybe to jump into a lake
cause it's freaking hot.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Here's a good quote:

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his
head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart "
-Nelson Mandela

Thursday, August 3, 2017

anziano pushing a car
face masks

magnum bars help 8 hr roadtrip
random dude at our mostra

No arms, No legs, No worries

Nick Vujicic. No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. If y'all haven't seen his
video, go watch it. He is so awesome and such an inspiration. I don't
remember which video it's in, but he talks about 3 things.

        1.      what is your mission on the earth?
        2.      where are you going?
        3.      Is Jesus Christ in your life?

I would like each of y'all to at least think about these 3 questions.
Ask yourself. WHAT are you doing on the earth? WHERE are you going in
this life and also after this life? And is JESUS CHRIST a part of your
life? Honestly answer these questions. You don't have to tell anyone,
but just think about it.

I asked myself these questions while staring out the window at the
miles of buildings in Torino and then miles of fields and vineyards as
I left Collegno and some of my best friends and entered back into the
beautiful Emilia-Romagna. The conclusion I came to was this: My
mission right now is to invite others to come unto Christ. Whether
that be random people on the street, my companion, other missionaries,
or members of the church. I'm going to bologna (haha). And then top
tier of the Celestial Kingdom is my ultimate goal. Jesus Christ is not
only in my life, but he is the captian of my life.

Weekly funnies
        •       I asked for a bottle of milk and they gave me hot foamy milk on a hot plate??
        •       I fell asleep like 27x my first two days in bologna bc I was so
tired (??) I'm literally always tired so I don't know what changed
        •       I gave my first talk in Italy after more than a year of being here,
and I accidently said that I made a cake with fish instead of
        •       The other sisters in the zone accidently took our phone so we had
to track them down at the station and get it back
        •       Not funny, but it is seriously so hot here and I am currently
sweating while sitting in front of a fan in our study room. It's that
hot. Chocolate has to stay IN the fridge to not melt

Bologna is freaking awesome. It is famous for tortellini, lasagna, and
bolognese rag├╣. Seriously good cooking. It is a big city. So LOTS of
stores with quality Italian clothes, oils for cooking, Souvenirs,
literally everything you can imagine.

Okay, I'll write more about it next week.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

3rd times the charm

i forgot to mention this last week, but Luca (our English class student and bud) passed his English exam and is going to AMERICA for University!!! We are so excited for him and he wants to make a bucket list of things to do in America :) so if y'all think of anything that Luca needs to do in America, email me!!!

also, I'm going to city #3 and that is.....


tbh I'm freaking out and I have no idea what to do so any advice or nice emails are welcome, I'm totally open for whatever!!!

love y'all so much,
sorella meager


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Aosta & cornfields of death by the church ;)

God, where are you?

During Sunday school, we analyzed section 121 of the doctrine and
covenants, which starts off with a question "Oh God, where art thou?"
At this time, Joseph is in jail in Missouri and had been for months.
He and others were pleading with God for relief from their trials and
thus section covers God's response to them, which says:

7 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine
afflictions shall be but a small moment;
8 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou
shalt triumph over all thy foes.

He continues on to talk about revelations and the priesthood, etc. But
I really liked that He started off with "My son, peace be unto thy
soul" I imagine him standing there with His hand on my shoulder
saying, "Peace be with you". But I feel like usually with me, He's
like "Rachel, would you calm down? I'M RIGHT HERE." And then I
remember and I'm fine, but sometimes I forget that He's right there.
Listening. Waiting. He never ever leaves us. (John 14:18) I can
testify of that truth. That is a truth that was emphasized a lot this

Monday night, we made pizza with Gabriele and his mom, Rita. While
making the pizza, Gabriele and I got to talking about his depression
and trials and why we go through hard things in life, and I shared
with him this quote that my mom sent me:

"Don't you give up. Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying.
There is help and happiness ahead... It will be all right in the end.
Trust God and believe in good things to come." (Jeffrey R. Holland)

Then Tuesday morning, we met with Gabriele Albano. He lost his wife
about a year and a half ago. Sorella Miele came with us to the
appointment (she lost her husband about 20 years ago). We were
planning on teaching the plan of salvation, but we got in and they
immediately starting talking about their spouses and the tragedies of
their deaths, the role that Jesus Christ has played in their lives,
and the peace they received from knowing that they would see their
loved one again. It was literally so awesome. By the end of the lesson
(taught by Sorella Miele) Sorella Miele, Gabriele, and I were all in

Basically, it was an awesome week and I'm sad to be leaving this
place. We get transfer calls in 2 days and I'm freaking out. I've got
3 transfers left and I haven't come to terms with it. Yeah. Here are
some funny things that happened this week:

Weekly funnies:
        1.      Met a dude on the bus and i gave him a bigliettino and asked him if he would watch the
video "Prince of Peace" and he straight up said no. Haha well, points for honesty
        2.      Hit a kid in the face during dodge ball.
        3.      Then hit my companion in the gut
        4.      Then got hit in the head
        5.      Drenched Anziano Robinson with water
        6.      Got drenched with water


Also, I celebrated ONE YEAR in Italia with homemade lasagna :)

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Train station pics

Zone, classic


First off, I'm so sorry y'all that my group emails have been all over
the place. My iPad won't send group emails and so I have to use the
computer and sometimes we don't get to the church until late, so I
apologize and I'm trying to fix it.

This is the email I tried to send 2 days ago:

This past week, I reread the talk called "My Heart Pondereth Them
Continually" by Devin G. Durrant and I've been studying the scriptures
more intently and really focusing on PONDERIZING them, instead of just
reading them. I'll paste the part of the talk that mentions the invite
to ponderize.

"I invite you to “ponderize” one verse of scripture each week. The
word ponderize is not found in the dictionary, but it has found a
place in my heart. So what does it mean to ponderize? I like to say
it’s a combination of 80 percent extended pondering and 20 percent
There are two simple steps:
First, choose a verse of scripture each week and place it where you
will see it every day.
Second, read or think of the verse several times each day and ponder
the meaning of its words and key phrases throughout the week."

"In my case, I feel the Spirit more fully as I ponderize weekly. My
love of the scriptures has also increased as a result of striving to
“let virtue garnish [my] thoughts unceasingly. ”
Consider this invitation and supreme blessing shared by Nephi: “If ye
shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to
the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life.”
In the spirit of “feasting upon the word of Christ,” ponderizing is
like taking a bite of delicious food and then chewing very, very
slowly in order to enjoy it to its fullest." (My Heart Pondereth Them
Continually By Devin G. Durrant)

I love this invite and I shared it with my comp and then, like 3 times
last week, we taught members/investigators about this new way of
studying the scriptures and ponderizing. Every time, I got to bear
testimony over and over again of the truthfulness of the Book of
Mormon. It was really so cool and I strengthened my own testimony of
the power of the Book of Mormon in my life.

Specifically, I loved sharing this with Daniele (our investigator
that's the son of the woman we were teaching) on Thursday. We sang a
hymn, which immediately brought the Spirit into the room, and then we
shared this quote with them and asked them to find a scripture that
spoke to them. For about 5 minutes, we each searched the pages of the
Book of Mormon for a scripture that spoke to our hearts about Jesus
Christ. It was really special for each of us to share the scripture
and bear testimony of the  importance of each scripture. You could
really feel everyone's love for their chosen scripture. Daniele and
Silvana both picked scriptures from Alma about Jesus Christ being a
light for the people. I chose 3 Nephi 15:9
Behold, I am the law, and the light. Look unto me, and endure to the
end, and ye shall live; for unto him that endureth to the end will I
give eternal life.
Through Jesus Christ, I know that we can find happiness and peace and
receive eternal life, which is the greatest of all gifts. I am
grateful for Him and His atoning sacrifice for us.

I won't go through the details of every single lesson we had, but I
just want to invite each of y'all to pick a scripture to ponderize
this week and REALLY ponderize it. Read it multiple times a day.
Memorize it. Focus your week around it. And email me about it. I wanna
know how it went. I wanna hear about the experiences you have. (:

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

p.s. My scripture this week is 1 Nephi 21:16 Behold, I have graven
thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Caprie Italy
Bellas Sorellas!

Happy Murica Day, people

Meise was confirmed a member on Sunday and that was one of the
happiest moments of my life :) I am so happy for her and she was so
happy when she received the Holy Ghost.

I had exchanges on Monday with SORELLA HUNTZINGER and it was the best
8 hours of my life. I had literally been praying to be comps with her
for more than a year at this point and it was everything I dreamed it
would be. We met with a little family and talked about the importance
of scriptures, we made pizza for lunch, translated the "I found my
friend" missionary story, sat on her bed and studied together, ran
into Jimmy (new convert that is one of the happiest guys ive ever
met), shared a message with a girl that just got called to the Temple
Square mission, and ate Gelato. It was a super successful day and full
of laughs, stories and catching up from the past year.

Okay, I'm so sorry people. I PROMISE TO AMERICA that next week my
email will be better because I honestly do not have the voglia to
write today.

God Bless America and God Bless Texas
Sorella Meager

Friday, June 23, 2017

But WHY are you a missionary? asked by Keif, from Germany

Okay, so to explain the title. A few weeks ago on the way home from
zone conference, we met this group of foreigners on the train and we
started talking to them and there was this guy named Keif. He started
asking us about the mission life and being Mormon and we were talking
about it and then he asked this question:

But WHY are you a missionary?

I don't know why that took me so off guard. We had been answering his
questions, but he didn't seem to understand WHY we were here. And then
I started to think about it more. Why am I a missionary? And then this
came to my mind:

"I am here because I desire with all my heart to follow my Master,
Jesus Christ. I yearn to do all that He asks of me in this great
cause. I hunger to be edified by the Holy Spirit and hear the voice of
God as He speaks through His ordained servants. I am here to become a
better [wo]man, to be lifted by the inspiring examples of my brothers
and sisters in Christ, and to learn how to more effectively minister
to those in need.
In short, I am here because I love my Heavenly Father and His Son,
Jesus Christ." (Priesthood and Personal Prayer April 2015)

I am here because I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I am
here because I know that this message is true and that it can bring a
perfect joy into our lives. I am here because this gospel brings
blessings beyond compare.

I don't know why I decided to write this all out and share it, but it
really touched me and I realized again for myself why I am here.

My challenge to you is if you don't know why you are where you are,
ask. Search. Pray. And find out why you're here. God has a perfect
plan. Ask Him about it. He will reveal all things that He sees fit to
reveal. He is perfect. And you are worth His time.

Speaking of time, Meise is on the countdown! 4 days until her baptism,
people!! I AM SO STOKED. Y'all are in my prayers.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Friday, June 9, 2017

last gelato

1 yr mark = tie burning ceremony

1 YEAR + 1 week

I barely mentioned it at the end of my email last week. But I hit my ONE YEAR mark June 1st!! I ate Gelato, burned a tie and cried a little. I don't know where the time has gone, but in the past year, I've managed to:

        •       Eat Gelato
        •       Play sand volleyball so. many. times.
        •       Meet some of my very best friends and my twin (Bacher)
        •       Serve in 2 cities
        •       Have 4 companions
        •       Learn some Italian (lol still not perfect at it)
        •       Choke on lemonade and pizza and just about everything because of laughing too hard
        •       Get rejected 100000x
        •       Serve people 24/7
        •       Laugh until I cry
        •       Miss 1000 buses and trains
        •       Flip over my handle bars twice
        •       Fall down too many times
        •       Eat way too much food
        •       Get rejected
        •       Learn phrases in different dialects
        •       Eat Gelato some more
        •       Meet tons of people and their dogs
        •       Be humbled over and over and over
        •       See miracles big and small everyday
        •       Get pooped on by many a birds
        •       Fall asleep everywhere
        •       Meet people from almost every nation on the earth
        •       Embarrass myself (not new, it's been happening since 1997)
        •       Lose myself in the work

It's never easy being a missionary, but it's so worth it in the end.
Thanks for the prayers and support.

Love y'all,
Sorella Meager

Matthew 16:25 For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and
whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it