Thursday, October 27, 2016

When we don't understand what language someone is speaking, we call it "Hollish"

Interesting facts:
The hot chocolate here is like hot pudding in a cup. It's MAGICAL
We have a creepy bathroom light that blinks on and off all the time
and we have a lot of fun with it
You can go around the roundabout 13x before getting a ticket
If I sit still for 10 minutes without moving, I fall asleep (like on buses)
I saw Jesus biking with a dog last week. Proof that dogs are man's best friend

I was so tired one day that I FELL ASLEEP AT A LESSON...

College students celebrate friends graduating, by going around Centro
and shouting and playing drums and stuff :) We saw people last week,
at first we thought it was a really bad parade, and then we thought it
was a riot, and then they walked by us and we read the sign and we
realized haha.

There was a torrential DOWNPOUR so we went to an investigator's house
and had fruit herbal tea and got warm :) then I got to see lightning
above the beach #waycool

We were at a less active's house and she talked to us for an HOUR
without interruption explaining how stubborn she is and that she
didn't want to pray or read the scriptures. And then we had the
prompting to read part of 2 Nephi 4 and after we read it, she said,
"I'm going to read the rest of this chapter tonight" !!!! HUGE
MIRACLE. She just took a full 180 (or 360? I can't ever remember which
one it is). Proof that God knows EXACTLY what we need and when we need
it and we need to always be worthy to have His guidance and Spirit
with us.

Nando and Tania are a family that we teach. He is from Napoli and she
is from Ukraine and they have an adorable 5 yr old daughter with brown
curly hair. They are so perfect :) We have had 2 lessons with them so
far and next week we will be going together to Serata Familiare!! I'm
so excited to see this family progress and receive the blessings of
the gospel!

We met a guy named Raff on Monday night, saw him again on Tuesday and
taught him about the Restoration of the gospel on the earth and
extended a baptismal date for December 2nd and he accepted!!! He is so
solid and he loves learning and is so excited to read the Book of

Hey, you should totally go read the Book of Mormon right now :) it's
pretty cool and it'll bless your life tantissimo

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

Alma 29:9 I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in
it. I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath
commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an
instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and
this is my joy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Interesting Facts:
I learned how to ride my bike without hands
The neighbors close their tapparelle every time we sing outside
Most Italians can't tell the difference between a British accent or
Scottish or American when they are speaking English
Italians can totally pull off wearing a blanket in public, but my
companion and I cannot...
Every afternoon, our upstairs neighbors rearrange their furniture
We named our neighbors dog, Barley

We couldn't figure out how to work the heater in the apartment so it
had been about 12 C inside for a week, but then the senior missionary
couple helped us with it yesterday :)

So last week, we were at a members house and they gave us herbal tea
and (luckily) when they weren't looking, my companion was drinking it
and SHE SPILLED ALL OVER HERSELF. Then, at the next appointment
(Anna), the lady gave us cookies with our herbal tea (it was really
cold that night) and she DROPPED THE COOKIES ON THE GROUND. Then she
tried to put the cookies in her shirt, but Anna looked and so she
threw them in her purse!!!

Monday night after English class, there was a HUGE spider in the
bathroom at the church and both the Anziani and us were all standing
in the bathroom staring at it and then one of the elders handed me
their shoe and I killed it and we all screamed like little girls.

We are getting planner apps on our iPads starting November and I have
mixed feelings about that because I love decorating and having my
planner, but it'll be nice having it on our iPad...

2 hours ago, we ran into an American Mormon couple from Virginia!!
They were like "HEY MISSIONARIES!!!"

We found a store that sells peanut butter for €1,60

Okay, so there are so many things that I learned this week and if I
tried to explain them all, it would come out like word vomit so
instead I will just suggest that you read the Book of Mormon and learn
for yourself. It is SUCH GOOD STUFF.

Vi voglio tanto bene,
Sorella Meager

Next week our p day is Thursday instead of Wednesday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Zoe Marie Hastings

I received many emails in the past week about Zoe and I want to thank
y'all for your kind words of love and support.

Zoe was the most incredible human being. She was the sunshine in my
life and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the opportunity that
I had to be best friends with her. She taught me the importance of
scripture study and of spending time with my family. She taught me how
to love and serve, in word and in action. She taught me how to be a
lady and a leader, and how to have fun wherever we are. She taught me
that it's never too late for anything, including getting Whataburger
on the way home from an activity Friday night. But most importantly,
she taught me how to rely on my Savior for everything. She probably
didn't know that she taught me all those things, but she did it
through her example. Because of her example, and through my Savior, I
can be better today than I was yesterday.

Yesterday, October 11th, was the one year anniversary of Zoe's
passing. I had been thinking about it and I wanted to do something
special to comemerate her, but I hadn't thought of anything. But
Heavenly Father knows His children. After an appointment with a man at
the library, we had 30 minutes until our bus and I had to pee, so we
were looking for a cafe to get a pastry and use the restroom and right
across the street was Cafè Zoe. What a miracle. It may seem small, but
it meant the world to me. So we got hot chocolate (my first one in
Italy) and my companion took a picture of me under the sign outside of
the cafe.
Okay so in Gospel Principles class, this guy started trying to make a
comparison and the entire time, I thought he was saying "Latte per
Latte" which means "Milk for Milk".

Interesting Facts:
It still hasn't warmed up so my guess is that summer is officially over
There are no garbage disposals

We had a missionary activity on Saturday with the members and other
missionaries from the zone. It was like a huge scambio. The members
went out with the missionaries and visited less actives and
investigators. It took 2 full days of planning and staring at a map we
made with post it notes of everyone's names and LOTS of prayer. I
can't even begin to put into words how perfectly everything went. It
was so perfect. Every companionship saw major miracles with their
lessons and everyone was matched up so perfectly. I was so lucky to
have a front row seat to this incredible event. There were so many
miracles that night.

Sofia. She is so incredible and she learns so much and is really
growing in the gospel. Her only problem is she doesn't feel that she's
receiving an answer to her prayers so we are fasting right now for her
:) I'll let you know next week how that goes.

Okay sorry this is so short this week. We will be having transfer
calls on Saturday and we will find out if we're leaving or not! Also,
Denise is getting baptized on Friday and we're super stoked for her :)

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

"The Everlasting and Almighty God, the Creator of this vast universe,
will speak to those who approach Him with a sincere heart and real
intent." -Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Transfer news: My trainer and I are both staying in Rimini !!! It is
very unusual for a trainer and their greenie to stay together more
than 2 transfers, but we're excited to continue the work here and help
the 2 new Anziani that will be coming into the city! (We are getting 4
new Anziani total in our district, so we will be helping them learn
the area.)

Interesting facts:
Most Italians we meet either think we're the Amish or nuns
Rimini (my city right now) was mentioned during Priesthood session of
general conference last weekend
When Italians are trying to tell you how to spell something, they just
keep saying the word over and over until you get it :)

Well, I have been sick for exactly one week now and it is driving both
me and my companion crazy. So that's that.

Sofia is going to bologna for college :( We're so sad that we won't
get to see her as often, but we keep in touch and we will hopefully
get to see her on the weekends. :) She is like my best friend.

Denise was baptized on Friday and it was so wonderful! She (and her
dad) were beaming the whole time and everyone in the ward was so
excited for her. We love her and we're so happy for her. She used to
be super shy, but she's opened up and she plays with us at family

We had a family home evening with a few families from church Monday
night and we were taking brownies there, but we were doing a pass by
on the way there and so we hid the brownies in the bushes and 2 ladies
saw us... also while we were walking there, I named every cat I saw (6
cats. Midnight, smokey, cloud, leopard, snowball, and cow).

My companion tried to come up with a comeback but instead just yelled
"YOU'RE IN FATTI" (you're in fact).

A lady chased us down the stairs and threw our pamphlet at us.

Women's Conference highlights for me:

"God will invite, persuade. God will reach out tirelessly with love
and inspiration and encouragement. But God will never compel--that
would undermine His great plan for our eternal growth."

“We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails. For maximum
happiness, peace, and contentment, may we choose a positive attitude.”

And we recognize “that regardless of perceived differences, all of us
are in need of the same infinite Atonement.”

"The scriptures teach us that through faith the worlds were framed,
waters were parted, dead were raised, and rivers and mountains were
moved from their course."

"Faith is a strong conviction about something we believe--a conviction
so strong that it moves us to do things that we otherwise might not

So con tutto il mio cuore che abbiamo un padre in cielo che ci ama
tantissimo. Lui ha un piano di gioia duratura per ognuno di noi. Sono
grato per quello piano. Sapere che non siete solo. Dio vi ama e

Vi voglio bene,
Sorella Meager

1 Peter 5:2-3
I want to know how I can better serve the members and the people. If
you have any ideas, feel free to shoot me an email and share them!