Wednesday, August 30, 2017

rep TX, 4 scoops gel, venezuelan food, comp, happy beaujeu, andrea,

Houston, we have a problem

I'm sure y'all know about Hurricane Harvey that came and destroyed
Houston a couple days ago. As soon as I heard about it, I thought of
all the people that were coming from near cities and states to help
out and it reminded me of a country song: It's America by  Rodney
Atkins. There's a part that says...

"I saw a little town that some big [hurricane] tore apart. People came
from miles around, just to help their neighbors out. I was thinking to
myself, I'm so glad that I live in America."

Amen to that, Atkins. I'm so grateful to be an American. I'm grateful
for the men and women that have sacrificed their lives to protect our
country. I'm grateful that God guided people throughout history to
help build America into a land of freedom. I'm grateful for all the
blessings that come from being American. God Bless America 🇺🇸

I'm also extremely grateful for God's hand in my life. I've noticed in
my mission how constantly His hands are guiding me, and the work here.
It's amazing to notice the way God works in our lives. We may have
this big picture of what we want our life to look like, but God has an
even great one and it's one that will make us better people, happier
and become more like Him. He is preparing us to return to Him and
become Gods one day. We need to prepare to live with our Heavenly
Father again. That should be our top priority. We read in 3 Nephi

But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all
these things shall be added unto you.

Not second, not third. Not last. We seek FIRST the kingdom of God and
He will take care of everything else. I know this to be true and I
have seen it in my mission so many times. God is a worker of MIRACLES.
Speaking of:

We did scambio with ravenna sorelle and they are in the same transfer
as my comp (12) and it was hilarious. We all sang I'll Be Home For
Christmas, told lots of stories, and bought the biggest Gelato of our
lives. Go big or go home, right? HA. It's funny because they're
actually going home, except not because that will be me in a few
months and I don't know how I feel about that.

Anways, during the Scambio, we met a Filipino woman while doing
finding that had studied with the missionaries in the past and has a
good friend that's Mormon. We got her contact information and she said
she wants to meet with us again!! We also got 3 other people's
information, so we'll see where it goes from there. Yay for scambio

Also, biggest freaking miracle of the mission: the prodigal son has
returned. His name is Andrea. I had never met this dude until last
Sunday when he just shows up to church with his mom. He's got long
hair and earrings and looks like a rocker from the 80s. They invited
us over for dinner and his hair was gone! He looked completely
different and he was making burritos and fresh guacamole (Holy mother.
It was so good). Then during dinner, he just spills out his life
story. He was baptized as a kid when their family met the
missionaries, got some bad friends as a teenager and left the church,
then had a hard experience a couple years ago and decided he needed to
turn his life around and finally this past Sunday, after 23 YEARS, he
shows up to church again. Just like that. He told us that he felt so
good at church and he didn't want it to end, so after church he went
home and sang through the hymns 4 times!! He started crying during
dinner and then tears came to all of our eyes as we talked about how
great God is and how incredible the gospel is.

Okay, sorry this was so long. There's so many more miracles I could
write but I just wanna say that God is great and the Atonement is
Love y'all and have a great week!

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Saturday, August 26, 2017

mostra; happens in Scambio, comps with S. Carter, my cute comp, amordi patate


okay, i just wanna make a reference to the title BOOM. it stands for
"be on our message." it's something that the APs came up with for the
mission and i really like it, so i wanted to share it with y'all.
basically someone says "boom" and a gospel topic and then you have to
do these 4 things in 3-5 minutes.
        1.      teach the topic
        2.      share a scripture on the topic
        3.      bear testimony
        4.      ask a question/ invite

my companion and I have really enjoyed "booming" each other randomly
on the bus, during lunch, while i'm buying train tickets, you name it,
we've done it. it's been super awesome, because you always have at
least 3 opportunities a day to speak italian, teach a lesson, and
share your testimony with your comp. I've learned a lot from her and
there's such a benefit from sharing your beliefs with someone (even if
that someone is with you 24/7). I invite y'all to try it. boom your
mom. boom your brother. boom your dog.... maybe not. teach the gospel
to people. make it simple. be personal.

so we had two scambi this week in bologna and lemme tell y'all, i
still don't know how to get around. 3 weeks is not enough. first
scambio, i was with my dear sorella carter (from the mtc) and we got
lost a record of (wait for it...) 3 times. the last time was at 21:00
and it was pitch black and we ended up walking almost a mile home
through a creepy park. sorry carter. but we had an awesome scambio and
we were able to do an fhe with wale, bumni, and clinton.

then we had scambio with the sorelle from pordenone and meno male we
all went to the same places, so I didn't have to be a tour guide.
sunday night we had mostra with the anziani, who were also on scmabio.
so we had 8 missionaries when we usually have 4. that was also really
fun and then after italian class on monday, we turned on "I know who I
am" by sinach and danced for 6 minutes with 4 african women and I love
them so much. it was so awesome.

yesterday, we were sitting on the bus trying to figure out what we
were going to teach a less active member, giovanna. after like 30
seconds, "figlie di Dio" (mormon message) came to my mind, but before
I could say anything, my comp turned to me and said "let's show figlie
di Dio." HOLY spirit. it was an awesome lesson and then she told us
about a man that she thinks would be ready to hear about the gospel.
God bless referrals.

we went and taught goodness, tina, and gospel in the park yesterday
and during the lesson, we look over and gospel was peeing. (she's two)
and she was so upset that she peed on herself that she started crying.
it was kinda funny. but also not. but hey, if you're two, you gotta go
when you gotta go.

we went shopping and ate amor di patate for lunch today and it was
awesome. I love bologna and the mission and Jesus. God is good. Gelato
is good. And people are crazy.

love y'all so much
sorella meager

Friday, August 18, 2017

1. scambio y'all 2. dab 3. got English? 4. Venice 5. We didn't know what to do in this pic 6. Bologna Zone 7. My comp is dying 8. My MTC group

it's the truth, y'all

okay, the reason i'm sending this a day late is because of the zone
conferences and i had to go to torino for my permesso today and and
yeah. we spent pday in torino and it was pretty cool. it felt weird to
be back there after having only been gone for 3 weeks. plus i wasn't
with anyone i knew from torino, just with my comp from bologna. sooo
yeah. comunque...

holy cow people. i'm just gonna say that i'm running on 6 hours of
sleep and have spent more than 20 hours traveling in the past week and
i am pooped. please excuse the lack of grammar and sense in this

i had my first scambio (exchange) as an stl, on fridaysaturday and i
got to be comps with a girl from my group, sorella causse. we went to
their city, reggio emilia, and friday night we had a passby and then
did some finding and got 2 numbers and set up appointments with both
of them. then saturday, we went to help at the caritas and let me just
tell y'all: it was SO MUCH FUN. i met this girl named sam and we just
kept talking and laughing the entire time that we were serving the
people and then all us missionaries would start singing random songs
and dancing and the kitchen staff would start dancing. AND we taught
everyone to dab. it was awesome and even better, sam is going to start
reading the book of mormon!! miracles.

then sunday we had church and a family from rimini came to sacrament
because their son is going on his mission to AUSTRALIA. so cool. i got
to see them and talk to them and it felt so good to see familiar faces
from my birth city. then we did a mostra with the anziani from bologna
and reggio emilia and one of the other anziani ran into members from
his past city!! it was cool and we got some new english class
students, which will be awesome.

monday, we went to the mountains to do service with the bologna and
reggio anziani (they were on scambio) and that was freaking awesome.
we moved a huuuge pile of firewood from his driveway to his basement
thing. and then he made us pasta and then we had fries and gelato
(doesn't just happen in america eh) then we took a non-birthday cake
that we made for blessing to her place and she was SO EXCITED for
cake. but just as we were leaving, we heard her ask her roommates, "do
y'all want to buy some cake?" i was like what the heck bc she didn't
make that cake, we did! you can't sell it to your roommates, but va

tuesday, we went through venice to go to zone conference in mestre and
y'all, venice is so beautiful. we took a bunch of pics, so i'll send
some. zone conference was super good but i didn't know a whole lot of
people so i felt like an awkward turtle. but our training went well
and the spirit taught me a lot so all is well.

wednesday, we had zone conference in bologna with the rimini zone
(freaking love that place) and we did a training on teaching
techniques, people laughed, we felt the spirit and overall it was just
a good time. president is very inspired and i learned a lot from him,
his wife, the APs, and our zone leaders. we seriously have the best
mission on the earth. don't try to deny it people. it's truth.

speaking of truth, my companion told me something this week that
really stuck with me. "truth is truth no matter who believes it."
word. you know what else is truth? God is real. and He listens to
every. single. prayer. last night, we were sprinting to the station to
catch a train at 18:20 and i kept praying that the train would be 15
min late. we arrived at the station at 18:25 praying for a miracle.
looked at the board and what do you know? our train is 15 min late.
you can't tell me God doesn't exist and He doesn't listen and answer
our prayers, people. He is there. listening. waiting. He is ready to
give us ALL that He has, if we just ask and act. in faith. just do it.
i promise He will bless you. He will answer you. yes, it will be in
His timing, and yes. He has a plan just for you. He loves you.

and i freaking love y'all
have a great week
sorella meager

Monday, August 14, 2017

pics from Aug 3 letter:

his parents treated them to gelato!

waiting for the bus
Testimony! Love this kid!!
standing in the rain
fresh avacado

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Bologna y'all

•       We live next to the busiest street in bologna and it is so loud 24/7.
        •       I'm constantly sweating. Like I get out of the shower and I already
start sweating. It has become a way of life and I'm not sure if that's
a good thing or not.
        •       There are so many buses. I've been here for 2 weeks and I still
can't remember how to get to the church. That's bad people cause I'm
gonna be going on exchanges and they're gonna expect me to know where
to go. Please pray for ya girl over here.
        •       My comp is the queen of bologna. This is her 5th transfer here (7
months+) and she is "dying" here AND she's literally so awesome. There
have been many missed buses, singing parties, Gelato, laughing, and
running for buses.
        •       Basically were always running for buses because it's so hot outside
that we don't leave the apt until the last second.

I've seriously been enjoying Bologna, and the people, and even the
sweating... To quote Sorella Bishop in Rome: "Sweating has becoming a
normal way of life." People, it is hot. I feel like I am walking
around in a giant oven. Granita's (Basically like a smoothie) in the
middle of the afternoon have become my saving grace. Thank you, Italy
for having a Gelateria on every corner. #Godbless

Friday night, we had a family home evening with Wale, Bumni, and
Clinton. Let me just tell y'all. They are freaking hilarious. I could
tell the complete, hilarious, crazy story from that night, but i don't
have the time. Long story short: Wale and Bumni got into an argument
regarding filling up the bike tire. While they were arguing Clinton
takes the bike, fills it up, and comes back before they get done
arguing. Go Clinton. Then he dabbed while he was biking. Cool kid

After fhe, Anziano Robinson and his parents treated us to Gelato
Friday night :) it was so yummy. #thankyou

Saturday was an adventure. We visited a less active member that lives
way out in the middle of nowhere (keep in mind, it's about 105 degrees
outside). We get to her house and she asks us to go make a poste pay
(????) so we walk to the post office, wait for 20 minutes while they
set up an Italian postal account for my comp that leaves in a month,
and then go back to her house. THEN, she asks us to take out the
trash. 5 black garbage bags... Okay. So we take it. Unfortunately, the
dumpster cannot fit the bags, so we have to open up each bag and feed
the trash into the dumpster one at a time. #halp Finally, we go back
to her house and have lunch and teach her. And then

Anziano Brown prayed for cooler weather and God blessed us 40 fold
with a freak rain storm Sunday evening and it was so wonderful because
we finally weren't sweating. However, we were supposed to do a Mostra,
but you can't see chalk when it's raining... so we stood in the
pouring rain and asked someone to take a picture. And then we handed
out our English class flyers because it was very obvious that we were
not Italian. It was awesome.

We went shopping for pday today and we both got REAL LEATHER BEAUTIFUL
ITALIAN SHOES. (For €40) it was literally the best. Also, saldi

Okay, that's all I got for today. I'm loving Italy and the mission and
I don't want to take my name tag off. Except maybe to jump into a lake
cause it's freaking hot.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Here's a good quote:

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his
head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart "
-Nelson Mandela

Thursday, August 3, 2017

anziano pushing a car
face masks

magnum bars help 8 hr roadtrip
random dude at our mostra

No arms, No legs, No worries

Nick Vujicic. No Arms, No Legs, No Worries. If y'all haven't seen his
video, go watch it. He is so awesome and such an inspiration. I don't
remember which video it's in, but he talks about 3 things.

        1.      what is your mission on the earth?
        2.      where are you going?
        3.      Is Jesus Christ in your life?

I would like each of y'all to at least think about these 3 questions.
Ask yourself. WHAT are you doing on the earth? WHERE are you going in
this life and also after this life? And is JESUS CHRIST a part of your
life? Honestly answer these questions. You don't have to tell anyone,
but just think about it.

I asked myself these questions while staring out the window at the
miles of buildings in Torino and then miles of fields and vineyards as
I left Collegno and some of my best friends and entered back into the
beautiful Emilia-Romagna. The conclusion I came to was this: My
mission right now is to invite others to come unto Christ. Whether
that be random people on the street, my companion, other missionaries,
or members of the church. I'm going to bologna (haha). And then top
tier of the Celestial Kingdom is my ultimate goal. Jesus Christ is not
only in my life, but he is the captian of my life.

Weekly funnies
        •       I asked for a bottle of milk and they gave me hot foamy milk on a hot plate??
        •       I fell asleep like 27x my first two days in bologna bc I was so
tired (??) I'm literally always tired so I don't know what changed
        •       I gave my first talk in Italy after more than a year of being here,
and I accidently said that I made a cake with fish instead of
        •       The other sisters in the zone accidently took our phone so we had
to track them down at the station and get it back
        •       Not funny, but it is seriously so hot here and I am currently
sweating while sitting in front of a fan in our study room. It's that
hot. Chocolate has to stay IN the fridge to not melt

Bologna is freaking awesome. It is famous for tortellini, lasagna, and
bolognese ragù. Seriously good cooking. It is a big city. So LOTS of
stores with quality Italian clothes, oils for cooking, Souvenirs,
literally everything you can imagine.

Okay, I'll write more about it next week.

Con amore,
Sorella Meager