Friday, August 18, 2017

it's the truth, y'all

okay, the reason i'm sending this a day late is because of the zone
conferences and i had to go to torino for my permesso today and and
yeah. we spent pday in torino and it was pretty cool. it felt weird to
be back there after having only been gone for 3 weeks. plus i wasn't
with anyone i knew from torino, just with my comp from bologna. sooo
yeah. comunque...

holy cow people. i'm just gonna say that i'm running on 6 hours of
sleep and have spent more than 20 hours traveling in the past week and
i am pooped. please excuse the lack of grammar and sense in this

i had my first scambio (exchange) as an stl, on fridaysaturday and i
got to be comps with a girl from my group, sorella causse. we went to
their city, reggio emilia, and friday night we had a passby and then
did some finding and got 2 numbers and set up appointments with both
of them. then saturday, we went to help at the caritas and let me just
tell y'all: it was SO MUCH FUN. i met this girl named sam and we just
kept talking and laughing the entire time that we were serving the
people and then all us missionaries would start singing random songs
and dancing and the kitchen staff would start dancing. AND we taught
everyone to dab. it was awesome and even better, sam is going to start
reading the book of mormon!! miracles.

then sunday we had church and a family from rimini came to sacrament
because their son is going on his mission to AUSTRALIA. so cool. i got
to see them and talk to them and it felt so good to see familiar faces
from my birth city. then we did a mostra with the anziani from bologna
and reggio emilia and one of the other anziani ran into members from
his past city!! it was cool and we got some new english class
students, which will be awesome.

monday, we went to the mountains to do service with the bologna and
reggio anziani (they were on scambio) and that was freaking awesome.
we moved a huuuge pile of firewood from his driveway to his basement
thing. and then he made us pasta and then we had fries and gelato
(doesn't just happen in america eh) then we took a non-birthday cake
that we made for blessing to her place and she was SO EXCITED for
cake. but just as we were leaving, we heard her ask her roommates, "do
y'all want to buy some cake?" i was like what the heck bc she didn't
make that cake, we did! you can't sell it to your roommates, but va

tuesday, we went through venice to go to zone conference in mestre and
y'all, venice is so beautiful. we took a bunch of pics, so i'll send
some. zone conference was super good but i didn't know a whole lot of
people so i felt like an awkward turtle. but our training went well
and the spirit taught me a lot so all is well.

wednesday, we had zone conference in bologna with the rimini zone
(freaking love that place) and we did a training on teaching
techniques, people laughed, we felt the spirit and overall it was just
a good time. president is very inspired and i learned a lot from him,
his wife, the APs, and our zone leaders. we seriously have the best
mission on the earth. don't try to deny it people. it's truth.

speaking of truth, my companion told me something this week that
really stuck with me. "truth is truth no matter who believes it."
word. you know what else is truth? God is real. and He listens to
every. single. prayer. last night, we were sprinting to the station to
catch a train at 18:20 and i kept praying that the train would be 15
min late. we arrived at the station at 18:25 praying for a miracle.
looked at the board and what do you know? our train is 15 min late.
you can't tell me God doesn't exist and He doesn't listen and answer
our prayers, people. He is there. listening. waiting. He is ready to
give us ALL that He has, if we just ask and act. in faith. just do it.
i promise He will bless you. He will answer you. yes, it will be in
His timing, and yes. He has a plan just for you. He loves you.

and i freaking love y'all
have a great week
sorella meager

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