Thursday, May 18, 2017

 spring has sprung!
Cute Naomi

Perfect pic of David. Parents. Jared snoozing

Be Happy!! Fiocchi de neve. Cute Assunta's place. Rivoli, Italy

La Citta' dei Pazzi

Did you know that Collegno is known for having the largest psychiatric
hospital in Europe? Neither did I...

Thank you, Fratello Furia for that random fact about Collegno.

Moving on. This week was crazy busy and super awesome! Thursday, we
went and visited Assunta and she gave us homemade everything lunch.
Pasta, chicken and cheese kebabs, and a fruit pie. My comp got to try
gorgonzola cheese for the first time and long story short: it's not
yet favorite cheese in Italy. (For those of you that don't know,
gorgonzola cheese has mold all over it. It "adds to the flavor")
Anyways, we had a really good lesson with her about the Restoration of
the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She told us that she had been losing hope
in there being a God, but that when we came and shared our message,
that she knew that God existed. It's so wonderful to be able to be a
part of this team of missionaries, sharing this message of hope and
happiness around the world.

After Assunta, we went to visit Grazia. Wow. She was as super busy
with phone calls and work, and at one point, she was talking on 2
phones at once! However, we were able to share a Mormon message with
her and she started crying because she loves the missionaries and she
feels overwhelmed and unloved. It was so hard to hear that, so we're
trying to do service for her and help her feel loved and important.

We had dinner with the Furia family and it was super awesome. Great
food and an even greater message. We talked about missionary work and
created a "Furia Family Mission Plan" and we will be having a family
home evening with them and a friend in a couple weeks!

I don't know what is up with this weather, but it only seems to rain
on Wednesdays when we're playing sand volleyball and Saturdays during
our sports night. Sports night was rained out again, so we played card
games inside. We played BS, Scum, and Spoons and then ended the night
with our weekly Gelato, thanks to Augustino! #Delizia

On Monday, there was a sciopero (strike) so we couldn't take any buses
to get to interviews with President. So, the cuneo Anziani had to come
pick us up and drive us there. I don't know what happened, but somehow
we ended up getting lost and going through a dirt road on the way to
the church...VA BOH. It was great getting to talk with President and
share stories with the other missionaries. Plus, we got pizza and
that's always a plus.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, y'all.

Explanation: We made 50 cookies for a family that we were having a
family night with, and then while we were waiting at the train
station. They called and canceled... Okay. So, we left. At the bus
stop, there were 3 little kids, so I got out my stickers and their
eyes lit up like no other. I gave them each stickers and then we all
got on the bus, and for the next 10 minutes, they practiced their
colors in English with me and they were dying laughing every time I
yelled a color or said "purple" I don't know why it was so funny, but
I got the kids, their parents, and everyone around us laughing. It was
something so small, but I'm sure it brightened everyone's day to get a
good laugh on bus 36 in the middle of a Monday. I don't know why our
appointment got canceled, but it that's what needed to happen for us
to meet that family. I'm fine with that :)

I'm saving the best for last. Okay, remember Silvana's son from last
week? Well, his name is Daniele and he is so cool. We had another
lesson with him last night and we talked about baptism and coming to
church and our purpose as missionaries and he accepted to be baptized
when he receives an answer!! We're so excited for him and we know he
is so ready for this process!

I just want to leave my testimony that I know this church is true.
That we can all recieve that testimony for ourselves, if we read and
pray. Also, I just wanna throw this in here cause I got to Skype my
amazing family on Sunday:

"We often take for granted the very people who most deserve our
gratitude. Let us not wait until it is too late for us to express that
gratitude. Speaking of loved ones he had lost, one man declared his
regret this way: “I remember those happy days, and often wish I could
speak into the ears of the dead the gratitude which was due them in
life, and so ill returned.”

The loss of loved ones almost inevitably brings some regrets to our
hearts. Let’s minimize such feelings as much as humanly possible by
frequently expressing our love and gratitude to them. We never know
how soon it will be too late." (The Divine Gift of Gratitude by Thomas
S. Monson)

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sorella Caruso & her bomb pesto pasta
Italian meme
The mountains look cool but can't tell from this pic -

The Church is True and The Book is Blue

Holy cow, this was a busy week. I feel like I haven't stopped moving
and I don't get any sleep, except during sacrament meeting on Sundays
(whoops). I picked up baby #2 Thursday morning and we hit the ground

However, I do not have the voglia nor the time to write about all the
details of everything so I will give you a list of the weekly goodies:

   1. Friday night, we brought our tennis shoes (there are teenagers
that play basketball near the church on the weekends). We crossed up
ankles in basketball in skirts and got the ring leader's number
   2. After almost a year, I still fall asleep in Sacrament almost
every time #sorry
   3. We got lost Monday morning and saw that we were near a members
house and so we stopped by to give a spiritual thought. 3 hours later,
we left FULL of pasta pesto di pistacchio and good stories
   4. We ran by a members house Monday night to give them cookies for
their birthday and share a small message and they asked us to stay for
dinner and then gave us a ride home!! Also, the husband Andrea had
asked his wife what was for dessert right before be arrived, and then
we showed up with cookies.... #Spirit
   5. We had a lesson with Silvana and in the middle, her son came in
and sat down. I felt like we needed to share the small restoration
video, so I did and after I asked him what he thought and he paused
and then said, "I think it's true." (!!!!) What. So we talked to him
about our purpose as missionaries and the church and he's SO EXCITED
   6. We went by the puppies and their eyes are open and so are the
families.... If you know what I mean. They're so awesome and they're
reading the Book of Mormon as a family and wanting to do a BBQ with
   7. We hung out as a zone today and went to Superga and then a
tower? Thing idk. But it was super fun.

Okay, I just want to end with my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I
bear my testimony of this book daily, but I don't feel like a share it
enough in my emails. I just want y'all to know that this book is truly
the word of God, just like the Bible. It was written by prophets and
translated by Joseph Smith. It goes together with the Bible for
clarification and understanding of Jesus Christ. It IS the most true
and perfect book on the earth. By reading it, we can change our lives
and come closer to Christ.

"The greatest power of the Book of Mormon is its impact in bringing us
closer to Jesus Christ. It is a strong witness of Him and His
redeeming mission. Through it we come to understand the majesty and
power of His Atonement. It teaches His doctrine clearly. And because
of the magnificent chapters describing the visit of the risen Christ
to the Nephites, we see and experience Him loving, blessing, and
teaching those people and come to understand that He will do the same
for us if we come to Him by living His gospel." -LeGrande E. Curtis

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

ps happy (almost) mamma's day to all you beautiful mamma's and soon to
be mamma's out there :) everyone, hug your mom!!

Shout out to my wonderful and perfect mother, Christyne Meager. I love
you, mamma. Thanks for being my best friend and my greatest example of
Jesus Christ. I can't wait to Skype with you Sunday!

pics from May 10, 2017

Everything's green.  Uno Crew. Squad Crew. View from the top of Torino. Mother's Day 2016

Thursday, May 4, 2017

No Longer A Teenage Mom

I don't have a bunch of time today to write, but I just wanted to give
a list of some things that happened this week that you might laugh at:
   •    We had a BBQ with the zone last week and I have several
bruises from soccer and Ultimate Frisbee
   •    We had Serata Familiare with Barbara and Zachy (5 yr old) spread Eagle
   •    Bacher got hit by a car
   •    This guy ran into me on the bus and then yelled at me
   •    Sofia came from Rimini and to hang out with us and it was the
best 2 days. Lots of food and laughing and horrible pictures
   •    I had to buy a bus ticket and I only had a €20 so I got €8 in .20 coins
   •    We played the flour game and Bacher lost hard core
   •    I fell going up stairs
   •    La Feste Dei Lavoratori happened Monday and we were stranded 2
hours from home and so we called a member for a ride and she drove
past us on the highway 3x before we could finally get her attention
and then when we were turning a corner, her car door flew open and her
car died...
   •    We got to hold puppies AND we are teaching a whole new
family!!! #puppiesbringblessings
   •    I got eye drops from the pharmacy for my eyes and they were
perfectly fine and then out of nowhere, my left eye turned red
again... It has happened 3x in each eye so far. I'm shooting for 5x
   •    My zone surprised me at district meeting yesterday with a
friggin bomb cake and singing to me :) then today, we got sushi and
went bowling with the entire zone 🎳 I feel so old, so I think I'm
just gonna go ahead and stop growing old now. Happy 20th to me per
sempre. :)
   •    Referring to the title: I am picking up a "baby" tomorrow. I'm
training again and I'm super stoked!! I'm gonna tell her that the
apartment is haunted and see how that goes :)

I want to end with a quote that really caught my attention this week
during personal study:

"When He bids us to walk in His way and by His light, it is because He
has walked this way before us, and He has made it safe for our own
travel here. He knows where the sharp stones and stumbling blocks lie
hidden and where thorns and thistles are the most severe. He knows
where the path is perilous, and He knows which way to go when the road
forks and nightfall comes. He knows all this, as Alma says in the Book
of Mormon, because He has suffered “pains and afflictions and
temptations of every kind …, that he may know … how to succor his
people according to their infirmities.” To succor means to “run to.” I
testify that in my fears and in my infirmities the Savior has surely
run to me. I will never be able to thank Him enough for such personal
kindness and such loving care."

Con amore,
Sorella Meager

Bacher transfer :/

Last gelato, Meag waving goodbye.. Ciao!

Slides & playground equipment may at times be a fail! :)

Italian pup & cat saying 'ciao' & friend at the store :)