Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Happy Murica Day, people

Meise was confirmed a member on Sunday and that was one of the
happiest moments of my life :) I am so happy for her and she was so
happy when she received the Holy Ghost.

I had exchanges on Monday with SORELLA HUNTZINGER and it was the best
8 hours of my life. I had literally been praying to be comps with her
for more than a year at this point and it was everything I dreamed it
would be. We met with a little family and talked about the importance
of scriptures, we made pizza for lunch, translated the "I found my
friend" missionary story, sat on her bed and studied together, ran
into Jimmy (new convert that is one of the happiest guys ive ever
met), shared a message with a girl that just got called to the Temple
Square mission, and ate Gelato. It was a super successful day and full
of laughs, stories and catching up from the past year.

Okay, I'm so sorry people. I PROMISE TO AMERICA that next week my
email will be better because I honestly do not have the voglia to
write today.

God Bless America and God Bless Texas
Sorella Meager

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